4th ALBUM "Little Dodo"
1. Miss The Ocean 2. Saturday Morning 3.Emmy 4.Something Better 5. Daisies, Pears, The Sky 6. Night Tree 7. Hamilton 8. Readymade 9. So Long Tonight 10. Waiting For Your Call
7inch "Daisies, Pears, The Sky"
Side A: Daisies, Pears, The Sky Side B: Emmy ("MERU" Special Ver.)
3rd ALBUM "The Blue Musk-Oxen"
1.Wishing You Well 2.Your Bird 3.Number City 4.Thinking About You 5.A Girl Across The Country 6.Lemon Lake 7.Beating 8.Stuck In Hibernation 9.Realize Poppies 10.No One's Gonna Be 11.Good Boy 12.Be Alone
1.summer boys 2.the crown of prince's feathers 3.hippy girl 4.i feel low, nothing wears away 5.have you seen the rain 6.diver girl 7.dark brown haired boy 8.the other night 9.the great hole 10.trying out the Ghost 11.i want to know 12.my birthday
1st ALBUM "Anemone "Whirlwind""
1.isabelle 2.temmy 3.mother&boy 4.DOODLE ON THE LANE 5.cliché 6.stripes of the moonbird 7.circus 8.time and velocity 9.New Delhi 10.I don't belong to you 11.social wind 12.cosmic love 13.1 2 air
EP "time and velocity"
1.time and velocity 2.I don't belong to you 3.ALBANIA 4.How's your friday? 5.melody 6.Rocking chair 7.DOODLE ON THE LANE

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